The Labcompliance Team decided to offer the entire Labcompliance Business and Websites for sale. This will include all products and services currently being offered.

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More than 1,000,000.00 $ profit in the last decade!!!

High Quality for Sale

We were successful for the last 25 years, because we always did believe in producing high quality for our customers.

We have financially strong customers that are interested in high quality products and have been buying from Labcompliance over a long period of time.

The scope of our products we were selling was not only high quality but also high quantity. This is a list of our products.

Unlimited Rights, Unlimited Freedom

Buy the rights of all the products once and sell them as often and in any way you want.

ANMERKUNG VON TOBIAS: Wenn man auf die Icons klickt, dann kommt man auf eine Seite, die detaillierte Infos zu den einzelnen Produkten gibt. Verkaufszahlen und ähnliches.

Get the rights to sell high quality products!!!


150 Standard Operating Procedures ...

Validation examples

120 Validation examples ...


110 Templates ...

Compliance Packages

10 Compliance Packages

Audio seminars

300 audio seminars. All come with 10 best practice guides and with recorded audio file.


Get an overview on the overall business numbers of Labcompliance

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